10-Year-Old ‘Viral Samosa Kid’ From Karachi Gets Love From Bollywood

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A video of 10-year-old Zahid selling samosas outside a local hospital in Karachi’s F.B. area went viral a few months back. The boy received a lot of appreciation and love from people on social media for his hard work and becoming a helping hand for his family.

Now, the video has caught the attention of Bollywood superstar Dharmendra Deol. The actor has praised the boy for his hard work in a now-deleted tweet which he had shared today.

In the video, the boy named Zahid who studies in the 4th class could be seen happily selling samosas after school. He sells samosas made by her mother after school every day.

The little boy Zahid’s confidence, and fearless attitude is what has garnered love from the people

PTI leader Asad Umar also found this kid to be an inspiration and according to him ‘we can all learn from him’.

When the video got viral on social media, a School Principal of ‘Speak and Spell’ came forward with the proposition of vowing to bear all the educational expenses of the boy. He shared on Facebook that he wants to give Zahid the ‘gift of free education’.

Ever since Zahid got famous on social media he once said in an interview that people have started recognizing him and he is earning more money. Zahid however doesn’t want to sell samosas all his life. He has big dreams of becoming an engineer one day.

We hope and pray that he achieve a lot of success in his life and all his dreams come true.


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