We Asked Pakistani Youngsters To Share Their Views On Shia-Sunni Marriages And Here’s What They Had To Say

One of the major issues we youngsters are facing as Pakistanis is when the topic of marriage arrives. Ghar waaley want an arranged marriage and we want love marriage. However, in some families, it’s totally fine with parents to let their children marry a person of their own choice but on the other hand, some parents lose their cool and let their inner actor out and go on like:

“Kyaa?? tumne ne aisa soch bhi kese liya?”, Kya humaray bachay ko ab itna bhi bharosa na raha apne maa baap pr?”, “Yehi din dekhne ko rehgayaa thaa, mar kyun nhi gaye hum!”, “Kon hai who larka/larki? Dekhao zara hum bhi dekhein iss nalaik ko!” and it goes on…

What’s even worse is when our banda ya bandi belongs to a different caste…


Anyhow, we did a survey by asking a question, given a hypothetical situation where if you love someone and have been together for quite some time and plan on getting married, but turns out, your partner is from a different caste (A shia girl and a sunni boy or vice versa). How would you convince your parents for that?

To which we people gave the following responses:

Here’s What Islam Says About Forced Marriages

Kinda true…but hey! One can always settle the matter by carrying out a consensus before marriage.


One had a biased view on this matter…But oh well, everyone has a right to express their opinions in their own ways:

This guy here said it all…We need more people like him who hold such thoughts!

 On Point! And a very appropriate way of handling matters before saying, “Qabool Hai”:

 That’s all that matters…

We also loved this response:

All in all, at the end of the day, love, trust and compromise are all that matters. If couples mutually agree upon how they choose to practice religion and how they’ll raise their own kids by educating them from all aspects of Islam, will surely result in peace, love and harmony at the end.

What are your thoughts on intersect marriages? Let us know in the comments below.

Here is the Clear Ruling on Forced Marriages In the Light of Islam

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