Pakistani Women Are Claiming They Are #NotAFailure and Here’s why you need to Agree

Our society has laden certain stereotypes on women that we have come to recognize as a grave problem. For decades, they are forced to follow a mere lead, a course of life which is rather forced on them.

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We call it “stereotypes”; the nemesis succumbed to the lives of women. Where ever they go, whatever they try to do, a stereotype would find its way and force them to act a certain way. As a result, many women in Pakistan have come to make unwholesome choices in their lives. All the reason why we need to remind ourselves about the incredible role women have in our lives.

Bottom line: we need to value their role, celebrate them and especially, prioritize their convenience

Every woman should be offered the utmost convenience in life. She needs to find any kind of convenience that allows her to save time, energy and focus on more important things. They are #NotAFailure if they need convenience. They need the space to assert themselves in the society and look for their convenience without facing a defiance for that.

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Not to forget, a harmonious society is an unfathomable concept unless women are empowered and engaged in their roles.

The discussion goes long on social media and here’s how Pakistanis agree

In fact, men also proactively joined the conversation!

But what’s the inspiration here?

A powerful TVC that has got people talking!

Summed up beautifully

Who are the great women in your life? How do they make your life better?

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