WATCH: Pakistani Woman Schools Man Who Harassed Her On Street

street harassment

A video of a woman scolding a man who was harassing her on the street has gone viral. Apparently, the woman claimed that the man is the son of a major hence it gave him the right to harass her on the road.

According to the Facebook video, the woman said that the man was eve-teasing her while she was driving to her destination. After a while, she tried to confront him which created chaos in the area. The man introduced him as a son of a major in the Pakistan Army. However, that obviously didn’t give him the right to harass a woman.

There is uncertainty around the authenticity of the claim made by the woman. In the same video, the man was seen as saying that he wasn’t eve-teasing her and the woman is just trying to create an issue for nothing.

ویڈیو شیئر لازمی کریں تاکہ یہ لڑکیوں کو چھیڑنے والا بدمعاش پکڑا جائے۔۔۔۔۔

خود کو میجر کا بیٹا ظاہر کر کے غنڈوں کی طرح لڑکیوں کو چھیڑ رہا تھا جسے اس بہادر لڑکی نے دبوچ لیا۔۔ اس لوفر کا گاڑی نمبر بھی ہے، ویڈیو شیئر لازمی کریں

Gepostet von Aajkal Tv am Freitag, 17. April 2020

As soon as the video went public, several other platforms also shared it. Some are condemning the man for harassment and lauding the woman for taking charge of the situation, while many were also accusing the woman of making a big issue out of it.

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Stop the harassment

Being a part of a patriarchal society brings with it tough challenges for women on a day-to-day basis. They are destined to face many different types of issues and undergo all sorts of human rights violations. From rapes to honor killings, and from gender discrimination to domestic violence, women in Pakistan witness it all.

By definition, street harassment is also a form of sexual harassment consisting of undesirable comments, wolf-whistles, catcalling and other actions initiated by strangers in public settings. So according to this, the Pakistani woman is right from her side if she found the man eve-teasing her in public.

As for the anti-harassment laws in Pakistan, a Protection against Harassment of Women at Workplace Bill was passed in 2010 to provide a safe workplace environment for women. But, the government is yet to pass a law that protects women against street harassment.


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