Pakistani Woman Athlete Speaks Against The Trend Of Celebrity-Casting In Ads

Pakistani Woman Athlete Speaks Against The Trend Of Celebrity-Casting In Ads

It is a buzzing trend in Pakistan for celebrities to star in commercials for top brands. Open your television and you will see a trending celebrity’s face like 10 times.

We understand marketing strategies of relevance and strategizing your plans around a buzzing subject that tend to steal attention. It has been far too much and we already feel malaise of watching these celebrities promote products and services. Other talented people absolutely deserve a chance.

When few celebrities hold on to the choices of starring in ads, it pretty much suggests the prospect of what tends to sell anything or conspires in its success in Pakistan.

We do not suggest that our Pakistani celebrities lack talent or abilities but making a clear point that other inspiring personalities also need a chance. It’s not always about the need of particular substance that accounts for the success of product or service regardless of its usage or quality.

There are many credible personalities that deserve a chance. Provided that these activities tend to change a person’s life, it could well do for those who really deserve it.

Noorena Shams, the talented Squash player who has impeccably performed on the international level has raised her voice against it.



She comes from Peshawar and is the youngest Olympian from Pakistan. She is ranked 3rd in U-19 women’s category in the whole of Asia. She has bagged 62 gold medals so far in her career, a number that well speaks about her capabilities and deserving of immense praise. Unfortunately, she holds a name boasting her immense achievements than mere looks to offer.

Read as she protests against the newest Pakistani commercial starring one of the most popular individuals of 2016:

Source: Asmara Kiani - Facebook

Source: Asmara Kiani – Facebook

To be really honest, Noorena speaks the bitter truth. She not only raises the concern but also flags a reality check of how things are done in our culture. Momina Mustehsan is not deserving of any critic but the very thing that has accounted for her popularity is prevailing sexism in our culture.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

These brands have taken the advantage of it ultimately in order to market their products. They are feeding people the very spoon of validation that needs to be eliminated. What a role they are playing for the welfare of our society *claps*.

Noorena is a monumentally talented athlete who is making Pakistan proud. There are many talented athletes like her who are contributing well but they are underappreciated and forced into mediocrity just because they aren’t eye candies like our celebrities.

We are letting down our talented people. We are letting down merit. Our brands should think outside the box and set an example.

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