This Girl Who Returned to Pakistan Has Lost Faith in her Country After a Tragic Incident!

When it comes to law and order in Pakistan, we often see citizens complain about it. We have heard cases where helpless Pakistanis lost their faith and trust in the law of the country. People protest on the roads that they have no one to go to when there is corruption in the system.

Theft is one of the aspects people in Pakistan where victims literally lose all their hopes. In the back of their minds, they know that once something of huge value is stolen, they won’t be getting it back unless the thief decides to return it himself.

Something Like this Happened to Sanniah J. Minhas Who Expressed how Disappointed She was After her Mother-in-Law’s Car was Stolen in Broad Daylight

Facebook: Sanniah J. Minhas

Here’s How Sanniah Narrates the Awful Experience:

Four days ago, my mother in law was robbed of her car at gunpoint. While this in itself is a terrible crime, what makes it all the more horrendous is that it happened outside our home in wapda town at 8 am in the morning.
My mother in law, a calm, patient, utterly loving woman, was getting her porch washed when two men on a motorbike held a loaded pistol right at her chest and told her to hand over her car keys and walk away. She hurried away, shaken to the core, to wake her husband who in a hurry to protect his wife and retrieve the car, slipped on the wet porch and hurt his back badly.

The robbers slipped away and have not been heard of since.

Four days ago, I began to lose faith in my country. While I hardly post my thoughts on social media, my heart has always been with Pakistan– a country I returned to from my studies abroad to serve and hopefully add to a better future for its inhabitants. While the difference that I have made by working here for two years may be minuscule, it is my intentions and my utter faith in its people that have kept me going.

Four days ago, this faith almost shattered. What seemed like the most terrible of crimes, seems to have happened to every single household that I know of. Everyone who came to us to share in our loss, had a story to share. Some have lost fathers to thieves who shot in haste, some have lost all their jewellery and others have lost family businesses to swindlers and liars.

Facebook: Sanniah J. Minhas

Four days ago I questioned– is this really what I came back for? No matter how much I was uncomfortable studying in the U.S., every time I felt a little bit unsafe, I knew I could call the police to feel reassured. I knew I could contact the law and the law would protect my rights being an alien resident. When my new family called the police in this emergency, we hoped that they would be helpful. How wrong we were.

Four days ago, I lost my faith entirely in Pakistan’s law and order system. Not only has the police been utterly unhelpful, reports of their corruption and swindling have made it to our ears and left us feeling entirely helpless. We have not seen them actively pursue the case– I have only felt uncomfortable in their presence feeling their eyes roaming all over my body. It makes me wonder– how difficult it must be for a woman to register abuse crimes in this country when the police treat them like objects to be consumed!
I am not here to backbite about the police. I am here to express my disappointment– Pakistan is my home and my heart is in Lahore. But what has this country given me? I have privately paid for my education, paid for electricity that barely runs 16 hours in the day, have only gone to private hospitals because public hospitals are abysmal– all of these are state duties that should be free for all citizens! The only basic need that remains is security and that too has failed.

Four days ago I almost gave up on my desire to live here– but something gave me hope. My friends, my family have stepped in every possible way to make this easy for us. So many people have come forward offering contacts, offering support– be it just food or an ear to listen! I am so grateful to all of these humans who are all Pakistani and it is how I have realised why I keep striving to do good in this country. The networks that we build have both good and bad people– the good people is what brings us back every time. The people who participated in my wedding, the people who have helped me grow as a person, the people who inspire me everyday! Pakistan is made by Pakistanis– good and bad. I beseech the good ones to come forward and actively take part in improving our state facilities. This country is for us and it is what we make of it.

I request my friends who read this to help us in locating our car and catching the thieves before they do anymore damage. Our car number is LEA 1940. It is a Silver Civic model 2013. It is registered to my father in law, Asif Raza. Our wonderful neighbors shared footage of the robbers, (attached below) and if anyone has any leads– be it just how to make the license plate more readable, please please come forward.

I, Hassan Asif and our family would be supremely grateful.

Sanniah is pleading the way every Pakistani in her position would. We all love our country no matter where we go, no matter what happens. But it is true that events like these make us lose our faith.

Help Sanniah and let’s restore our faith!

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