This Guy Visited and Captured Every Monument Displayed on Our Local Currency

Traveling is beautiful – it helps you cleanse your soul and discover the parts of your land or a foreign land you weren’t aware of. A lot of people, however, focus on visiting the foreign land more than discovering their country first.

The recent trend, while it seems to be evolving, includes how many in Pakistan visit the North and share how a whole level of beauty lies there. While all of that seems extremely beautiful, we have seen how the heritage of Pakistan continues being ignored.

A lot of Pakistanis are not aware of the monuments printed on the local currency. Ask your friend and family member sitting next to you right now to judge their knowledge.

A Pakistan Went to Every Monument and took Pictures with the Currency Note it is Printed On

And it seems really beautiful!

Khyber Pass, Peshawar – Rs 10 Note

Young Pakistan

Mohen Jo Daro, Larkana – Rs 20 Note

Young Pakisan fb

Ziarat, Balochistan – Rs 100 Note

Young Pakistan

Islamic College, KPK – Rs 1000 Note

Young Pakistan

Faisal Masjid, Islamabad – Rs 5000 Note

Young Pakistan

Badshahi Masjid, Lahore – Rs 2 Coin

Young Pakistan

Faisal Masjid, Islamabad – Rs 10 Coin

Young Pakistan

The real monuments pictured right in front of us as shown in the currencies look seemingly beautiful.

Whoever did this, you have done a great job!

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