This Pakistani Uncle’s Bicep Is Putting Everyone To Shame!

Let’s face it – on an average, Pakistanis don’t care much about their fitness. Consuming oily, extremely fatty food is one of the best leisure activities of our countrymen. Be it Butts or be it the Punjabis, the love Pakistanis have for food is unreal. No wonder there is a restaurant or a tandoor wala at every corner of a Pakistani city.

A lot of people believe that working out on your body just leads to benefits in terms of one’s appearance. While this is, to some extent, true, what many don’t realize is how hitting the gym and having healthy lifestyle changes who you are as well.

Each year we see our Pakistani and international actors go through some brilliant body transformations.

Here’s Ali Zafar For Example

And Umair Jaswal’s Massive Routine Results Are Incredible!

Bollywood’s Amir Khan Also Made Quite Some Hype Recently When He Shared His Transformation Images

However, we are well aware of how these are actors get ‘paid’ for working on themselves (an excuse we make when we are too lazy to work on ourselves). As soon as someone from our own circle goes through a body transformation, it inspires us. Similar to this is what we are about to show you – if you need the motivation to hit the gym, here’s something which will work perfectly!

This Guy, Who Seems Above The Age Of 55, Made These Amazing Biceps!

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Just Look At Him – Sweat And Hard work Paying Off!

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Indeed Age Is Just A Number

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It Is The Motivation That Counts!

Facebook: Pak Whatsapp

While this post was sent to a Facebook page anonymously, we are so interested in knowing who this man is.

So Damn’ Impressive That I Can’t Feel My Tummy!!!


Meanwhile, Us…

Indeed, this man is setting an example for all those who put excuses over having a healthy lifestyle. Once you are done with the transitioning period, you will see tons of changes in your life and that are not just related to physical appearance changes. The road to having a body like this elderly man isn’t an easy thing – you’ll have to change your routine and prioritize your body. Most of all, you’ll have to reduce the consumption of your favorite (read junk) food items as well. Yes, all of it may sound painful, but just look at this man’s end results!

If this man did not inspire you, what else will? Go hit the gym now!

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