Pakistani UN Peacekeeper Decides to Fight COVID-19 Despite Her Mission’s End

Pakistani UN Peacekeeper Major Samia

There are very few people in this world who are true to their job, their responsibilities. This Pakistani peacekeeper UN Force who is unable to return back to her family is determined to stay back and fulfill her duties. She does not want to leave the Democratic Republic of Congo because she decided to stay back to fight the global pandemic COVID-19.

Despite her mission’s end and her 2-year-old incessant calling back to Pakistan, she is unfazed. This is Major Samia Rehman, the UN Peacekeeping Force. This Pakistani UN Peacekeeper decided to fight COVID-19 despite her mission’s end, which is a wholesome inspiration for the rest of us in Pakistan.

We found this inspiring news on Twitter a few days back. UN Peacekeeping tweeted about Samia Rehman, captioning: My duty was ending on 6 April, but I’m unable to go home due to Covid-19. My 2-year-old is asking, “Mama, when will you be back?” I’m worried, but my passion for work has increased manifolds. Together we can slow the spread.”

Major Samia’s history

Selected as the UN Special Representative Secretary-General (SRSG) certificate of 2019, Major Samia joined the force last year. She is also the first female officer to get the honor. Being the first female officer of the Pakistan Army brings quite an honor and then this her statement on standing tall amid these unfortunate times further glorifies her image.

Her extraordinary performance in Mission Level Studies, analysis, and other unmatched contributions crowned her this certificate. On behalf of SRSG, Major General Theirry Lion awarded this certificate to Pakistan’s pride: Major Samia.

In one of the provinces of the central African country, Pakistan’s female peacekeeper was awarded. She was awarded a UN medal at this ceremony, in February.

Since June 2019, 15 female officers, serving at the ranks of major and captain, were stationed in the war-torn country. The officers are serving as psychologists, vocational training officers, doctors, nurses information officers, logistic officers, gender advisors, and stress counselors.

Needless to say, we are proud of her for her determination and strength to say back and fulfill her duty. The world has seen the true spirit of a Muslim or a Pakistani during these testing times despite being far for their country. Some miracles happening, and some tragedies taking place.


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