Pakistanis Are Savagely Trolling Designer Zara Shahjahan For Being Elite And Who Hurt You, Bro?

Desi Twitter has always been unforgiving. Latest target? Zara Shahjahan. Who is she? Creative director and owner of the brand Zara Shahjahan. Why was she trolled? Because of her tweet that was taken as snobbish by the masses.

So I’m starting a thread, you have to start your tweet with let’s be honest. life in Pakistan is hard for the rich so imagine the poor.

She is quite the front runner in the fashion industry with her clothing line that exudes simplicity and “is a glorified celebration of vintage Pakistani Fashion”. The prices, however, are astoundingly high and definitely not for the broke folks like us.

It is safe to assume that Zara is doing well for herself with such a great successful business running. However, she too faces difficulties like any other and has the right to voice them. In her tweet, she wanted to start a thread and asked everyone to begin their tweets with the hashtag ‘lets be honest’. Then she wrote hers that definitely triggered the awaam.

*How dare she talks about rich having a hard life in Pakistan when they clearly have every comfort one can think of* It sure is true because let’s face it, they really do live in all sorts of luxuries. Since the majority of Pakistanis are living a life with a lot of hardships, they couldn’t help but troll her.

Here’s What Went Down!

Ouch! Talk about not-so-subtle sarcasm.

“That’s true, especially since the price of French cheese has skyrocketed.”

Woah! Someone is definitely mad and considers rich to be too privileged to complain about their problems. Which according to them couldn’t be important or serious in compare to a poor person that has too many struggles to count.

“You sell your deadass boring plain clothes starting from 10k+. The audacity of you people I swear. IT IS hard for poor people, what are you doing in contribution to tackle that other than being so ignorant abt ur own privilege that you’re complaining and comparing urself to them”


Hey! There is truth to this. They do live a life that seems quite apart from the reality that most of the Pakistanis are living.

“#letsbehonest the life of the rich and elite in Pakistan is the most separated from reality than most of them can even imagine.”

Started as a harmless tweet and has turned into a reality-check-fest.

“lets b honest, few elites who are cying over car and burger i saw people who cant afford to pay their kids school. Fee eat one time food. Cant buy new dress. Life is much more difficult poor and so middle class too”

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