Pakistani Twitter has Discovered New Ways of Saying I Love You and It Is Hilarious

Pakistani Twitter has Discovered New Ways of Saying I Love You and It Is Hilarious

Pakistani Twitter has top class humor and is always coming up with new joke formats that go viral in an instant. These days, the humor has reached its peak courtesy with the remarkable win against India in the finals. Credits to Rishi Kapoor’s bitter tweets as well that made us troll him so hard that we have reached a level of trolling that no one else can. But recently Pakistani Twitter came up with this new trend of saying “I love you” and replacing it with something much deeper and meaningful than those three words. Let’s show you how:

1. Pad first captain, pad first!

Remember how Shadab confidently convinced his captain to take a review?
“Baby I love you so much”
“PPPLH too, baby”

2. Sehwag beta.

Rashid Latif, you beauty.

3. When you really love Pakistan.

When you can’t explain your love for Pakistan, don’t say I love my country, say: DRRHYMYMPH!

4. Well, of course.

Sarkaar farmaanday ne.

5. Shafakeya!

Remember the 5 hazaar dirham guy, the man, the myth, the legend?


6. How could we forget this one?

Rarrgnsajbj! Choro na beemari ka bahana kar k Mkdgbmk?

7. Goddammit, Rishi uncle.

We will never forget this Rishi, uncle. That tweet of yours will haunt you forever.

8. Shahid Afridi, you beauty!

This was the purest form of love. Frustrated Kohli and Ashwin holding his head, Indian fans crying in the stands. What could be better than hgagbguitaissayb? Shahid Afridi, you really are a beauty.

9. Yes , Aunty Gormint.

Niyat hai inki khoti
Alfaaz hain in k karway

10. And the best one.

11. There is no love greater than this love.

This was one hilarious trend that covered all the things that we are experiencing, and what went viral. Pakistani humor at its best.

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