This Pakistani Guy Pointed Out A Serious Concern In Local TV Advertisements And Here’s What He Has To Say!

Local TV Advertisements

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I believe we have a ghost in modern homes. It is not only logically convinces us and modifies our opinion about purchases, but it also deposits concrete layers on our conscience through which we can not look at matters that matter.

For instance, if I ask anyone they would surely not approve of women objectification and hence their outright insult. However, we are on daily basis being amply dosed to believe the other way around. Several electronic advertisements not only objectify women, they deliberately superimpose their insult with a chocolate topping without anyone even noticing it.

This advertisement appears multiple times on every TV. It is a toilet cleaner commercial that compelled me to write this. I would commend the rational team members who came up with such a dark idea. They seem to be blessed with very narrow bandwidths for thinking. They should readily avail latest offers from the market that offer higher bandwidth in cheaper packages.

Source: YouTube

There are two major roles in this advert; a male marketing professional, and a wise housewife. In a very humble way, the advert proves to us that women are housewives, it is only women’s job to clean the toilet and that they must excel at whitening toilet seats with the help of their product.

The last remark, the cleaner is cheaper and user-friendly, comes as the topping and the perfect housewife saves a lot of pennies buying the efficient cleaner. However, she loses a lot and I deeply regret her not being able to lose her innocence throughout.

Source: YouTube

This image shows a smart modern housewife selling her favorite ‘lemon wala sabun‘. It helps her to get done with the greasy dishes quickly so she can contribute to the greater good of the society in the following time. I appreciate your sending daughters and sons to same schools and colleges but what makes you silent here on this discrimination?

Why wouldn’t you discourage? Well, some of us have managed this and spared family women of this artful work by hiring a maid? Bravo. Why shouldn’t a guy ever be asked to do the dishes? In fact, if I ever try, my mother discourages it. She has a firmly fixed belief that it is a women’s domain. The same belief is being incarnated into every mind that sees such adverts on the screen a dozen times daily.

The women in our culture are presumably so innocent that they don’t even know their rights let alone fighting for not being provided those rights. We daily witness photo-shopped images on internet and television which carve this ‘perfect-women’ image in our heads.

Source: YouTube

The remaining problem is solved by advanced camera phones, which allow beauty filters. Please tell me is that what you call beauty? The face lacks all the blemishes, wrinkles and everything that makes us real. Such a face does not exist in real life. However, every woman is forced to be like them. The process is very dangerous and causes damage to the skin and soul.

I would be grateful if someone can clarify a contradiction that on one hand we are sending our daughters to medical, engineering, aeronautical or business universities and art schools, hence bringing them up in way as to join or start corporate companies after completing degrees while on the other hand, we allow gross mind manipulation in our homes daily.

Are these commercials not reinforcing the cultural stereotype that women are best suited as toilet cleaners, dishwashers and are a different creature which needs artificial adornments just to be accepted by society? How do you believe they can match this dual nature? Dictating our young women on how to carefully clean toilet seats and do dishes effectively, for me, is not humiliatingly offensive, it is completely dehumanizing.

Do you know, why wouldn’t anyone speak about this absolute injustice to women? How come all the intelligent minds of 21st century stay quiet when commercials show a woman cleaning a toilet seat?

Surely you don’t have an answer. I told you there’s a ghost in our homes!

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