This Pakistani Pays Tribute To Muhammad Ali In The Best Possible Way!

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Obituary: An ode to the legend – Muhammad Ali…

What defines definitive? What makes difficult bearable? Un-understandable, agreeable?

The “what-ifs”, “so be it”? The “ought to be’s” “had to be’s”? The “should-be’s” “could-be’s”?

What keeps keeping up, well, just up? We exist, because we just do?

Drudging through mundane. Dragging ourselves through dullness.

What coaxes idealism out of us, slowly, steadily, stealthily, a stitch at a time?

We age, we do. But that’s that, is it? The inevitable lethargy of a biological spiral?


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Simple, complex, simple… the celebrated bliss of ignorance;

the tiring muddle; the beleaguered guise of wisdom.

Still the act of being through all of it… or any of it… is just that; nothingness.

Being is simply non-being.

The ideas, consciousness… restrained.. in the pettiness of this opulence; the “intelligent design”.


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Decay, many moments… slowly, painfully, inevitably… the grand orchestra plays to no audience and there is no greater beyond.

And yet, from the ashes of cremated shadows, rise the most unusual heroes.

The ones that give us hope that there is purpose… even if we don’t understand it… some, if only, have awaken to it.

And they inspire beyond time, beyond geography, beyond fear.


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Lyari, one of the oldest places in Karachi with few schools, substandard hospitals, a poor water system, limited infrastructure and broken roads.

Lyari, where hope is a survival instinct…. and boxing rings light up the nights of days rife with gang wars and street crimes.

Tonight in the boxing rings of Lyari; there will be no noise of hope.


Source: RSVLTS

In the solemn boxing rings, an Obituary hangs; “Humaray Ustaad ka Intiqaal ho gaya hai.” (Our teacher has passed away).

Rest in assuredness and strength… People’s Champion…. Muhammad Ali

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