A Pakistani Transgender Was Left With Horrifying Injuries From A Cowardly Act Of Violence!

“To Allah belongs the dominion of heavens and earth; He creates what he wills. He gives to whom He wills female, and He gives to whom He wills males. Or He makes them (both) males and females, and He renders whom He wills barren. Indeed, He knows and Competent.” – Holy Quran, Chapter 42, Surat I-Shura, Verse 49, 50

In Arabic language, transgenders are called “Makhannathun”, which means ‘the effeminate ones’. Transgenders have always been a part of our society, culture, and religion. They are equally classified as a creation of Allah. Evident to the verse mentioned above, their existence is acknowledged in the Holy Quran. Islam offers rights for both men, women, and transgenders.

Source: BBC

So, how on earth some people reserve a right to downcast them, abuse them, classify them to the lowest tier of citizens, incur their wrath on them and call them a scum of society? We have recurrent cases of transgenders in Pakistan become victims of absolutely shocking terms of violence.

A Pakistani transgender was maimed and mutilated by some cowards, which is absolutely condemnable!

Source: Trans Action Pakistan

Source: Trans Action Pakistan

Source: Trans Action Pakistan

Gulalai tried to report Gulbahar police a week before this happened that her life is in danger. But no one responded to her call and now she had to suffer an appalling act of some barbarians who think they have the right to abuse and break away anyone in society.

First, they hampered opportunities for them and now they make life a living hell with violence!

Basic opportunities for the transgender community have been wiped off. In order to survive, they normally have to resort to appalling means. You can see many transgenders being forced into prostitution because no opportunities are handed out to them. Where they seek better opportunities to make a living, they are not welcomed.

Source: www.dailywire.com

Our society is tainted in this aspect. People have obliterated their rights. They have incurred worst kind of violence on them. Their rights are negated and they simply cannot live a life as a normal human being in Pakistan. It basically reflects the prevalent mindsets and backwardness of our society.

All lives matter. Our society needs to understand that these kind of acts are not acceptable. The perpetrators are letting down humanity. They are endorsing barbarism. It is inhumane and must be condemned on all grounds. It is about time our government takes strict action against violence on transgenders. There should be proper reforms for their rights and the culprits who stand against them should be dealt accordingly.

We have always spoken for their rights. We intend to educate people and bring them to proper terms. We have brought many instances about transgenders who have been abused and some who continue to do well in our society. We shall continue to carry out our communal responsibility until people are properly educated.

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