Pakistani Students In Wuhan Share Tips On How To Defeat Coronavirus

Pakistani Students Wuhan Virus-Free

Wuhan, the city from where the deadly coronavirus initially emerged, was recently declared virus-free by the Chinese government. Being under strict lockdown for about 78 days, the city celebrated its win against the disease with the show of colorful fireworks.

However, China’s friendly ally Pakistan is still fighting the novel coronavirus. The government is constantly emphasizing adapting proper precautionary measures but no good news is coming. Analyzing the situation in their native country, recently, two female students from Wuhan shared some tips which can help defeat the virus. Their video is currently surfacing on the internet garnering praises from the masses.

Here’s the video going viral on social media

چین کے شہر ووہان میں زیر تعلیم دو باہمت پاکستانی طالبات سحر اقبال اور مہر اقبال

Gepostet von FM98 Dosti Channel am Donnerstag, 16. April 2020

It is quite relieving that the students who were initially panicking because of the outbreak are now completely healthy. In the video, two students named Sehar Iqbal and Mehar Iqbal are advising the Pakistani nation to take it seriously. Moreover, they shared the tactics through which Wuhan became the first virus-free city in the whole world.

How Wuhan defeated the deadly coronavirus?

Sharing the message, Sehar Iqbal stated, ”Assalam-o-Alaikum! I am Sehar Iqbal and I am Mehar Iqbal.  We are currently present at Wuhan University and Wuhan has taken control over coronavirus. The biggest reason behind it is that all citizens and all students here have obeyed the safety measures advised by the government. Because of which we have controlled the spread of coronavirus here (Wuhan).”

Pakistani Students Wuhan Virus-Free

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Continuing Sehar’s advice, Mehar said, ”Exactly, every single student here had adhered to the safety measures including wearing of masks, not going outside until necessary and when returning from outside, washing their hands properly for 30 seconds. So, now Pakistanis should also act on the advised precautionary measures told by the government. The nation should support the government and obey the given orders.”

Recovery rate in Pakistan is much better

Hoping to see Pakistan defeating the novel coronavirus, the students’ added, ”As Wuhan has controlled coronavirus, hopefully, Pakistan will also defeat the fatal disease.” Well, such individuals sure deserve a massive appreciation for thinking about their country in these desperate times.

Pakistani Students Wuhan Virus-Free

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As per the latest reports, more than 7,000 cases have been reported in Pakistan till now but there’s more to it. Apart from all the chaos, the coronavirus recovery rate in Pakistan is much better as compared to other world countries. Out of the confirmed cases, more than 1,600 patients have fully recovered and that is a positive sign.

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