These Pakistani Students Make Plates From ‘Fruit Peels’ To Avoid Plastic!

Pakistani Students Plates Fruit Peels

Creativity knows no boundaries and undoubtedly, Pakistan is blessed with an infinitive number of intellectuals who aim to make things better. Similarly, a group of five medical students from Karachi discovered a beneficial way to avoid plastic usage. Recently, a few students of DOW University of Health and Sciences discovered a way to turn ‘fruit and vegetable peels’ into usable plates.

DOW students find a way to make plates from ‘fruit and vegetable peels’!

Particularly, the innovation came in order to put a complete stop on using products made of plastic to avoid pollution. Last month, a tech student from Faisalabad invented ‘smart shoes’ for the blind and it garnered praises from all across Pakistan. However, this time, another talented young lot from Pakistan has found a way to make plates out of ‘fruit and vegetable peels’.

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Kabhi fruits aur vegetables ke chilko se plates bante suni hain? Kudos to these ladies for coming up with such a…

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It was indeed not an easy journey but the super girls from Pakistan finally made it happen after years of consistency and hard work. As per the details, the group of five includes Anamta Shaikh, Ayman Mansoor, Hiba Ahmed, Mehwish Farooque and Urooj Zia. Currently, studying at DOW University of Health and Sciences, the group of five finally got a breakthrough in their creation.

The ”OrgoServe” concept!

Called ”OrgoServe”, the amazing process is primarily based on biodegradable plates made from extracted fruit and vegetable peels. Initially, it was tough for the students to get the campus authorities’ attention to work further on the project. However, after about facing rejection thrice, the group earlier presented it in the university’s National Project Competition and attracted many.

Pakistani Students Plates Fruit Peels


Apparently, Governor Sindh Imran Ismail was the guest of honor at the event and was highly impressed by the girls’ idea. Eventually, Governor Sindh then invited them to his place to inquire about further plans for their invention and its execution. Well, it is truly inspiring for girls all across Pakistan who aspire to change and make the world a cleaner place to live in.

Certainly, Pakistan contains many other bright minds like this who are actually working for the betterment of their country. Following the same path, previously, a Pakistani female student invented the sewing machine for the visually impaired. Well, we wish the girls all the very best for their future endeavors and keep making this world ‘plastic-free’ for a less-polluted tomorrow.

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