A Pakistani Student Allegedly Died Due to Exam Stress and Now Her Mother Breaks Silence

Stress is a major problem humans have to deal with. Where moderate stress levels can be a part of life, extreme levels of stress should not be ignored at all. A person, varying from any age can get succumbed to extreme kind of stress. Stress is also found among students appearing for their exams and it becomes a grave problem when it can be potentially life threatening.

Our culture imposes perfection on us since a very tender age. Especially in our society, children are taught to jump in a race of mending everything right. Whether it is your grades, habits, work or relationships, you are always imposed to portray a non-typical level of perfection. It’s indeed dangerous and can lead to consequences beyond one’s control in the longer run. Exam stress is one example that Pakistani students continue to bear. We have a story of an 18-year-old girl from Lahore who allegedly passed away due to exam stress. Her mother came on live television to break silence over the alleged case.

Mother shares the appalling story of her daughter who passed away allegedly due to exam stress


Mubashir Luqman, a renowned journalist invited the mother in his live program to show Pakistani viewers what happened. She levels shocking allegations on the school over their treatment of her daughter. Hearing from her, it’s indeed very heart-wrenching how much of stress a teenager had to go through. The mother, Naheed who is a lawyer and a member of the bar tells everything in the video above.

It was reported that Naheed’s daughter suffered a heart attack that proved to be fatal. No mother should ever go through such a major tragedy in her life especially when it has to do with her child.

The general perspective is that no student should ever suffer from exam stress. Yes, the idea about growing hard and resolute against stress is good but for many out there, it can shoot to uncontrollable levels and damage is done before anything could be amended.

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