Another Attack On LoC- Another Day When Our Soldiers Were Martyred And The Government Remained Silent!

Just last night, Pakistan’s military once again had to defend Kashmir’s border, as Indian troops opened an unprovoked fire. Violating the ceasefire once again, Indian Army opened fire on Pakistani soldiers guarding the Line of Control (LoC) on Sunday night.


This news was first revealed on social media by DG ISPR Asim Bajwa. The crossfire took place in the Bhimber sector of the LoC. Any comments from the Indian Foreign Minister are yet to come, as the subcontinent sees another chapter of strained Indo-Pak relations unfold.



For several weeks, Pakistan and India have been seeing unusually tough relations, majorly due to Indian violence in Kashmir. With Pakistan in full support of Kashmir and its people, India is trying hard to cover its torture on the Kashmiris, which is being carried out, from the world media.

During the Kashmir violence, Kashmiris retaliated by breaching in an Indian base near LoC. India claims that Pakistan was supporting this mission, meanwhile, Pakistan denies and accuses India of destroying their already tough relations.


Next, India recently held a so-called “surgical strike” on terrorists inside Pakistani soil, near LoC. At this, Pakistan army clear cut denied any such event with hard evidence and proof. India has yet to provide any footage of that event.

Furthermore, both sides have identified spies of each other roaming their land. A Pakistani diplomat was recently expelled by India for espionage. Whereas, alleged RAW agents have been identified working in the Indian Embassy in Islamabad.

DG ISPR Asim Bajwa has also revealed that Pakistani soldiers fought back and targeted a few Indian posts across the LoC successfully. Meanwhile, Khawaja Asif, Defence Minister for Pakistan, has criticized this level of cowardliness and shameful act by India and called the international community to intervene so that the two neighbors could achieve peace along the frontlines and resolve the Kashmir issue once and for all. He said: “If there’s escalation between two nuclear powers, it will be catastrophic for the whole region.” He further added:  “It can’t go on like this.” Until now, about 26 soldiers have been martyred while around 107 have been injured in the unprovoked and cowardly firing by the Indian troops.

It’s about time that the world media starts seeing the evil activities of the Indian Army on the borderline and inside Kashmir. Its decision against holding a referendum should be enough evidence to realize how selfishly the government is trying to occupy a state once handed over to Pakistan.

For Pakistan, more should be done in order to secure its land from any foreign state actors. The blast of Shah Noorani is a clear message by these foreign state actors that they will never want to see Pakistan prosper alongside China.

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