5 Terrorists Killed, 1 Pakistani Soldier Embraces Shahadat In Waziristan

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Pakistan Army said on Monday that five terrorists were killed and a soldier martyred in clashes in the country’s northwest tribal district of North Waziristan. An ISPR statement said that a group of terrorists carried out fire raid on a security forces’ check post, 10 kilometers west of Miranshah, North Waziristan.

The attack was effectively responded by the Pakistani soldiers and five terrorists were killed. “During the exchange of fire, one soldier embraced shahadat; while 3 soldiers got injured. Troops cordoned the area and carried out a search operation,” the ISPR said.

The martyred soldier is identified as 43-year-old Havildar Akbar Hussain Khan. A resident of Tehsil Dir Kot with four children.

Pakistan Army said last week two soldiers martyred fighting with terrorists in two incidents in North Waziristan. Reportedly, terrorists had established hideouts in the country’s tribal areas but the Pakistan Army has cleared most of the areas in major operations.

People are all praise for the Pakistan Army for always coming out and helping the country in dealing with every tough situation in the country.

The security forces have also been helping the country while dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

A fourth military clash with terrorists this month

This is the fourth reported clash between security forces and terrorists in North Waziristan over the last month.

Despite the coronavirus crisis, different terrorist activities can be seen on the borders of Pakistan. Pakistan Army is on alert to deal with such situations to keep the country safe from any terror activities.

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Last week, the Pakistan Army shot down an Indian quadcopter that violated the country’s airspace in the Sankh sector along the Line of Control (LoC). The Indian quadcopter intruded 600 meters inside Pakistan’s territory for surveillance. The Pakistan Army responded to India’s violation and shot down the drone.


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