The Pakistani Social Media Is After Feroze Khan’s Newlywed Wife and It Is Utterly Disgusting

When a man or a woman becomes a public figure, everything they do comes under the limelight. From the smallest appearance outside their homes to having an affair with someone or from their dressing to holding a cigarette in their hand, the media will always be there to spice things up.

A ‘simple wedding’ has become an illusion; privacy is something which always will be invaded, especially when you are a public figure. This can thoroughly be said in the case of emerging Pakistani actor Feroze Khan.

Feroze Khan and his Family Demanded Privacy When the Pakistani Actor Decided to Settle Down and Break Hearts of Hundred Pakistani Girls

? love you all

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But the media wasn’t too kind – as always. They didn’t nudge and kept investigating the whereabouts of the girl who was about to tie the knot with this Pakistani hunk.

The Wedding Happened In Full Swing!

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#FerozeDaVeyah Was Trending All Over Social Media

Between All of this, People Had Some Pretty Nasty Comments to Make on Alizeh, The Newlywed of Feroze Khan

Cheers to whatever little we have ❤ #AlizeyFerozeKhan

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Take a Look:

People Were Talking About her Dress (????)

Sajjal Aly Was Continuously Brought into the Marriage and Was Compared With

People Were Discussing their Sects (?????????)


Most Surprisingly Though, People Were Mocking the Looks of the Bride…


Upsetting Indeed!


Upsetting to see how the bride was ridiculed on her big day. It is heartbreaking when people narrow down the presence of someone based on the looks which God made.

Wishing Feroze Khan and Alizeh Feroze all the best for the new chapter. <3

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