Pakistani Businessman Gives Free Accommodation To Virus-Hit Migrants In Dubai

The global pandemic has taken a major troll on almost everyone around the world. May it be Italy, to the groundbreaking discoverers of China, or the competitive United States, COVID-19, is merciless.

While many countries recover from this fatal illness’s wrath, some are still recovering and have a long way to go. At this time, when the world is in a major crisis, there are many who might buy us time from God through their good deeds. It is actually astonishing and more likely inspiring to read their stories and learn that after all there is still hope for good, especially when we see so many bad things around us.


As the news of the coronavirus pandemic broke, many offered assistance. However, Ali Rao, a Dubai-based Pakistani businessman did the unexpected. Knowing the fact that many repatriates and other pandemic affected migrants wouldn’t be able to get a place to live or better living facilities he provided them assistance.

Three accommodations in Dubai

There are over 100 migrants of completely different nationalities, who are being offered different shelter facilities by this Pakistani businessman in Dubai. Above all, these three accommodations are all set up by Ali Rao.

This practice started on 9th June 2020, when Ali Rao, first heard about the pandemic outbreak and 25 men who were being affected by it. He wasted no time, in sending his staff right away to assist these migrants in Dubai. Initially, only 10 people felt comfortable coming back with his staff and living in the company home.

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Image: Arab News PK

However, as the news spread of Ali Rao’s generous offer, 35 more joined him. Sooner, than later, 31 more Pakistanis joined him, making the figure to over a 100. All of these people of diverse nationalities are staying at a shelter provided by Rao. Wow! Isn’t that just inspiring?

Who is Ali Rao?

Ali Rao is a Dubai-based Pakistani businessman, who has been operating a business in Dubai for almost 7 years in industrial housing and real estate. During his interview with the Arab News, he told them:

“At first [when we went to pick them up] they were hesitant and thought they were in trouble but they are settled in now”.

A lot of the people he has been housing lost their jobs recently, as many companies have laid off their employees and a plane ticket home is quite expensive. He further on added:

“So I will also try and contribute [for their tickets] along with a few other businessmen.”

Moreover, he is obliged to help anyone, who is in need of rehabilitation or shelter facilities.

pakistani business pandemic dubai

Image: Arab News PK

“But until they are able to leave, they and anyone else who does not have accommodation are welcome to use this place to stay.”

Each of these centers is located in Al Quoz, Jebel Ali, and Muhaisnah, Dubai, each house is able to cater to six people and all meals are being given by charity houses; including diagnostic tests for coronavirus for those who are looking for shelter.

This is truly very inspiring. We are incredibly proud of you Mr. Ali Rao, we also hope that you are blessed with a lot more and you keep on helping those in need.


Story Credit: Arab News PK

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