Pakistani Politicians And Their Cartoon Counterparts

The best source of entertainment for a Pakistani audience is politics. Our politicians keep us intrigued by making the most politically incorrect, inappropriate, dramatic statements that are bound to keep us pleased (sarcasm intended).

”Parday mein Rehnay do, Parda na uthao”- Altaf Hussain.

In order to spice up things a little more, we collected these hilarious cartoon depictions of our political celebrities;

1. Nawaz Sharif

pizap.com14524948153121 copy

People have long drawn the comparison between PM Nawaz Sharif and Sherk… rightly so?

2. Asfandyar Wali Khan

pizap.com14524955923311 copy

This one is epic!

3. Sherry Rehman

pizap.com14524961024571 copy

Don’t know about physical resemblance, there are a few things about their personalities that match!

4. Shireen Mazari

pizap.com14524967429311 copy

Woah! This is as real as it may get!

5. Sheikh Rasheed


The only difference is the nose!

source: baagitv


6. Firdous Ashiq


source: baagitv

Had this cartoon been wearing a dupatta…. *sigh*


7. Asif Zardari

pizap.com14524988980341 copy

MMM…. No comments! *Lips Sealed*


8. Rehman Malik

pizap.com14524997240851 copy

 Do you think they resemble? We do!

9. Altaf Hussain

pizap.com14525002105741 copy

Say whatever you want to but Altaf Bhai is the cutest of them all!

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