A Global Shame! Pakistani Pilots Are Now Being Grounded Abroad Over Fake Licence Issue

Pakistani pilots grounded internationally

Ever since Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), flight PK-8303 crashed into a residential neighborhood in Karachi. There has strung a great debate on who is actually to blame.

As per the initial reports, it was said to be a ‘human error’ by the pilot and air traffic control. Since then, PIA has grounded 150 of its 434 pilots, saying that they have “dubious licenses.”

Aviation minister, Ghulam Sarwar Khan, announced that ‘40% of the pilots in the country have fake qualifications or cheated in their exams.’

Pakistan suffers global embarrassment

As a result, the international media has had a field day, and the world was shocked. Many raised questions over the safety as Pakistani pilots are currently working for international airlines.

Vietnam grounds Pakistani pilots

Since the controversial declaration by aviation minister, many international airlines grounded Pakistani pilots over ‘fake license’ concerns. According to Reuters, Vietnam has grounded 27 Pakistani Pilots.

Similarly, it was reported Kuwait Airways had also grounded Pakistani pilots. However, this was later rebutted by the airline.

It said, “Kuwaiti Airlines would like to clarify what was circulated on some social media about the company terminating the services of its pilots of Pakistani nationality. Due to their fake licenses that this speech is not true. Kuwaiti Airlines does not have any pilot of Pakistani nationality currently and there is only -1”.

Qatar Airways has also compiled lists of Pakistani pilots, engineers, and ground-handling staff. It said the employees whose names are on the lists would remain grounded till a report is received from Pakistan.

PIA plane crash

The investigation report on the PIA plane crash was presented in the National Assembly. It said the pilots were not focused and their lack of concentration had caused the crash. The pilot was also accused of being overconfident.

The horrific crash broke our hearts as the PIA commercial plane crashed in Karachi on May 22, 2020.

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