This Pakistani Perfume Ad Has Become The Talk Of The Town For Making Every Woman Feel Invincible

We don’t see it too often but this one here has caught everyone’s attention!


Before you read this, know that you’re in control of how you look and feel and what you want to achieve in life without making compromises and feeling guilty.

Growing up, women in Pakistan have often faced trouble regardless whatever households they’ve born and brought up in. No matter what, they’ve been restricted to do things their way and always have been subjected to things as they’ve been asked by the males in their families.

But wait. Things are changing and the world is evolving…


In the 21st century, the voices of women have started to join together and it seems that something is about to happen, and it is going to be something BIG! The stereotype has started to change and women have started to speak up for themselves and have become invincible!

Speaking of which, renowned and diverse fashion designer, Maria. B has successfully revealed the face of Maria. B fragrances with the ever so beautiful, Iqra Aziz. The perfume is called ‘Soul’ and the aesthetically pleasing to the eye and the empowering, crisp Urdu poetry is what exactly has grabbed everyone’s attention.

Have you checked it out yet?

The poetry is so touching and empowering!!!! Don’t you agree?


The phenomenal poetic lines have surely given that perfect oomph to this ad and emphasized particularly on a woman’s strength and how she imagines things beyond her beliefs. She’s strong and she’s invincible and can conquer the world with her powerful thoughts.

My favorite line from this beautiful poetry has to be:

“Sab se asaan jawaab sab se mushkil sawaal bhi hoon”

Feeling all those powerful vibes around you yet? Thought so!


For many years, Maria B has always had a vision of finding the true essence of a woman. And yes, she has done it beautifully and truly proved herself by blooming through her vulnerability, and she has done it all with her heart and soul.

It’s about time we value the role of women, celebrate them and prioritize their convenience.

Are you ecstatic for this new product line by Maria. B? What do you have to say about this ad by Maria? Let us know in the comments below!

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