Pakistani Movie: ‘Good Morning Karachi’ [Official Trailer]

The Pakistani movie ‘Good Morning Karachi’ revolves around a poor girl ‘Rafina’ who aspires to become a super model. The movie beautifully highlights the adversities a girl has to face in-order to follow her dreams. The movie portrays all the hurdles in Rafina’s life; the hardships, dual standards of people and discouraging societal norms. The sole thing which Rafina’s mother wants for her is to get married.

As the name of the movie ‘Good Morning Karachi’ suggests that the movie portrays the fast moving life of Karachi, its streets and fashion industry. The movie is based upon a well acclaimed Pakistani writer Shandana Minhas’s novel ‘Rafina’.

‘Good Morning Karachi’ is directed by Sabiha Samar and stars Amna Ilyas, Farhan Ali Agha, Saba Hameed, Amina Sheikh and others.

The Pakistani movie ‘Good Morning Karachi’ was released in Pakistan on the 1st of January 2015, however it was premiered on 9th of November 2013 in the South Asian International Film Festival.

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