Here Are All Things Every Pakistani Mother Desperately Wants to Do with Her Children

Shout out to all the great moms out there; keep doing the great things you do!

Modern times have totally changed parenting. If we picture raising a child in 2018, it would seem like juggling a thousand balls using two hands. It’s all about balancing priorities, keeping up with responsibilities, all the while flipping between the needs of your kids, family and of course, you.

Scrolling down our timelines, we stumbled upon a TVC by Safeguard where it’s practically demonstrated how children should make the most of their childhood and how modern mothers can stop worrying about them getting their hands dirty!

Have a look…

It surely strikes a nostalgic tone about our own childhoods. Modern Pakistani mothers share a fair amount of certain chores and experiences which make modern-day parenting an absolute joy for them! With that being said, here’s what every mother wishes to do with her child:

Every mother loves to push her children to leave their houses and play outside

Every mother wants her children to explore the world and get their hands dirty

What’s there to even worry about?

Every mother wants to stop worrying about her children’s hygiene

Having Safeguard as a sound option to protect their health and keep germs away, there’s absolutely no question why children shouldn’t be allowed to play and enjoy in the mud.

Every mother loves taking her children’s pictures and recording videos to post on social media

Every mother wants her children to go out and make countless number of friends

Every mother wants her children to ditch gadgets and live their #BachpanNonstop

YES! You do your job of pushing your kids beyond their limits and Safeguard will take care of the rest.

If you are a modern Pakistani mother, tell us how much you can relate to these points? 🙂

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