A Pakistani Met Hassan Nawaz in London and Said the Typical Words About His Father to Him!

The Panama frenzy has taken the entire country by storm. With the verdict coming out against the Shareef family, Pakistan now sits without a prime minister in charge. The verdict declared Nawaz Sharif as incompetent and his daughter, alongside her husband, were also found as the owners of an offshore company, which they denied during the trial.

While many say that Nawaz Sharif is now stronger than ever, he indeed lost the support of many who had faith in him. While there are many who believe this is a propaganda against the former prime minister, many believe how Nawaz Sharif was the rightful fit for the country.

Regardless of who’s side, you are on, the declaration of Nawaz Sharif as incompetent led to the worldwide shaming of Pakistan. Something like this is what happened with Hassan Nawaz, Nawaz Sharif’s son while he was in London.

This Guy Met Hassan Nawaz at a Store in London and During his Conversation, he Started Speaking Against Nawaz Sharif and Chanted the Bitter Words!

While politely talking to Hassan Nawaz, he ended the conversation by saying, “Gaali gaali mae shorr hai. Nawaz Sharif chorr hai.”

This Video Instantly Went Viral on Social Media

Many Laughed at this Video

There Were Many, On the Other Hand, Who Felt this was Harassment and Highly Inappropriate!


Regardless of what your political affiliations are, this act was indeed extremely cheap. Many were laughing it off, but the man was with his family and had a very friendly behavior towards this person who made the recording. For years we ruined the atmosphere by “Go Nawaz Go” chants and slogans. Now that Nawaz Sharif is gone, we are still using the same low blows and ruining our name.

It is indeed not a funny thing to do, especially when you are abroad and you are with your family.

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