This Pakistani Maulvi Apologizes After his Dancing Moves Go Viral on the Internet

Just when you thought you have seen everything on the internet, this latest utterly hilarious video reveals something you may have never thought of seeing on the internet, especially coming from Pakistan.

Maulvis create a very stern image in Pakistan. They are respected for their profession and regarded as decent men who convey the message of Allah. However, there are good people and there are bad people.

That notion aside, recently the dancing video of a Pakistani Maulvi went viral on the internet.

The Maulvi was seen dancing in a private setting while wearing shalwar kameez. However, underneath his clothing, he was wearing women undergarments, the bra specifically.


With Moves Like his, it had to Go Viral!

As the video surfaced on the internet, the Maulvi then realized the mistake and made another video, apologizing to the locals for dancing in such a manner.

The Pakistanis Had their Take on the Video and the Maulvi as well



Makes Sense

Well, it doesn’t seem anything wrong because the Maulvi was doing all of this in the private and someone invaded the private space by releasing his video on the internet. Of course, it depends on how the man is when it comes to being a preacher, but enjoying in a private setting seems fine and everybody wishes to do that every once in a while.

However, he indeed had some really great dancing moves!

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