‘Mystery Guy’ From Islamabad Provides Free Transport To The Poor & Needy

Pakistani islamabad man helping

Kind gestures and humane acts are what have us all in awe and make us realize that goodness and humanity still exist. Despite, the fact that there are too many brutalities such as harassment, rape, fatal diseases throughout the world; yet it is the small acts of kindness that one does, which reawaken hope that good still exists.

A similar kind of generous act made us all smile despite this ongoing pandemic and other such brutalities. A Pakistani man, living in Islamabad is always up every night from 10 pm to 7 am dawn, where he provides services and aid to anyone who is facing transportation and commute issues. Wow! If this isn’t humble we don’t know what is.

The most inspiring aspect of this encounter with this Pakistani man was that he refused to tell his name even. He stated that his only goal is to help people, which is why he allowed one of his customers to take his picture and upload it on social media. It is quite inspiring and motivating to see how quickly people tend to think about helping each other.

Generosity is the key to kindness

Generosity is the key to kindness and leads to goodness and strength for almost every individual. This Pakistani man makes sure to help as many people in Islamabad; so that he can earn a good living by becoming a good human. Isn’t that what the true message of our dear beloved Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is?

Wow! watching the kindness of this man working silently is truly beguiling and very motivating. It doesn’t cost him much to do so. But does it regardless, without the expectation of any reward in return. This isn’t the first man to have been helping mankind in his own way, to his own capability, no; we see such good souls living among us and trying to provide and cater to all of ALLAH’s creation.

Not only is the practice of humbleness and kindness awakening but it also makes us have a chance to rekindle and cleanse our own faith. The life on earth is truly a test we all must pass. And seeing this man working towards helping and caring for others is surely motivating and inspiring. People on Twitter have been praising his kind act, and also to create awareness for others who might need his services.

We hope that this man gets the chance to help all those who are in need and also be capable of moving and inspiring the lives of others. Maybe through his kindness and generosity more kind souls can be moved and work towards this noble cause. We admire your strength and hard work and we hope you achieve a lot of success and prosperity in your mission.

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