A Bird? A Plane? No, This Is A Pakistani Man Breaking The Internet With His Athletic Skills

Pakistani Man

Pakistan is full of exceptionally talented people and there’s no denying in that. All they need is a little push, exposure, and watch them conquer the world.

Recently, on Eid holidays, a widely shared short video of a young Pakistani man jumping across a number of motorcycles parked somewhere in a row, has earned huge applause on social media. People are just going crazy and want to know who this athletic young man is!

Let us say that even we are flattered over the man’s jumping skill. WOW! He appeared to be self-taught.
And, now some of the Twitter users are also saying that he could be turned into an asset for Pakistan if he were to be prepared for the upcoming Olympics. What do you think?

Former cricketer Wasim Akram’s wife, Shaniera Akram, is also amazed by the young talent.

Some Twitter users also suggested holding sports galas in a bid to find such gems of the country.

Ever since terrorism hit Pakistan a couple of years ago, sports had to suffer badly along with other money-generating industries including tourism.

Pakistanis lost a part of their heart and soul when teams stopped coming to the country. Under such scenarios, not even players of our national teams, whether it is cricket or any other sport, our local talent also could not play their games.

But, Pakistan is back on track…on the track to prosper and grow.


And, this is some great news!!!

We are proud of you! Let’s hope, the sports ministry and the decision-makers of Pakistan will see the skills of this young Pakistani boy and do something for his future. One right move can make his destiny.

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