This Pakistani Man’s Claims Of Not Marrying Girls With Degrees Has Sparked A Debate!

Girls With Degrees

One world, different people, several mindsets, the clash in opinions might occur but acceptance takes time. Certainly, in this digital era, when everything can be accessed easily through technological means, many have created a social interactive bridge. However, recently, a Pakistani businessman Azad Chaiwala, in his latest video, tried to explain why men should not marry educated girls.

Pakistani man sparked a debate on social media by his claims of not marrying girls with degrees!

Eventually, the ‘conserved’ statement has triggered a lot of people reminding the entrepreneur of the benefits. Earlier this year, a video of famous Korean YouTuber explaining to his mother why he embraced Islam went viral on social media. Currently, Pakistani entrepreneur and YouTuber Azad Chaiwala’s claims of not marrying girls with degrees have created chaos.

Here’s the full video from Azad Chaiwala’s Facebook page!

DEGREE Wali Se Shadi Na Karna Please | My Sincere Advice for Pak Entrepreneurs

DEGREE Wali Larki Se Shadi Na Karna Please | My Sincere Advice for Pakistani ENTREPRENEURS ONLY

Gepostet von Azad Chaiwala am Mittwoch, 27. November 2019

While deprivation from basic education is considered to be a massive flaw in Pakistan, such a mindset makes it even worse. Posted on his Facebook page, Azad Chaiwala’s video describing the ‘cons’ of having a partner with a degree, backfired badly. Apparently, it seems like Chaiwala’s ‘naive’ approach has triggered Pakistanis and especially, the feminine side.

Pakistanis bashing Azad Chaiwala for his bigot statement on women’s education!

However, according to Azad Chaiwala, educated girls think of themselves as a ‘superior’ power along with the attitude. Further, they are incompetent in handling the family as they are more sort of career-oriented individuals. Eventually, after marriage, career comes first for such women and the neglection period kicks in leading towards deterioration.

Soon after the video was uploaded on his social handles, Azad Chaiwala’s followers and admirers burst out in anger. As an educated mother is considered to be a blessing for her children, such statements from a public figure sabotaged the stance. While most of the comments came in against Azad Chaiwala, many even call him mentally sick.

Maybe, that’s even better?

Girls With Degrees

And here’s a suggestion!

Girls With Degrees

Change is necessary, especially, when we are surrounded by such mindsets!

Girls With Degrees

It would be much better!

Girls With Degrees

Here flies a follower from ‘Mr. Love Guru’s Facebook page!

Girls With Degrees

Certainly, the nation seems to be wide awake when it comes to societal impositions which degrades one’s building capacity. Unfortunately, Pakistan is filled with such bigot individuals who hold the conservative concept strongly. Still, in such a judgmental world, there are women who are rising much higher than the male’s dominance.

This year, Pakistan discovered its first-ever female rap artist from Karachi’s Lyari area and she’s amazing. Called Eva Baloch, the country’s first-ever female rap artist stunned the world by her exceptionally fast rapping skills. Well, more power to such women who are an example for men who judge women by the level of their education.

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