This Pakistani Man Can Imitate Ramiz Raja’s Commentary with an Inch-Perfect Accent

Have you ever come across people having unique talents? If not a talent then some abilities, in particular, that would boggle your mind just to think how they do so. We surely have some people around us that can do unique things and sometimes are popular about just that. Impersonation is one of the great talents many people have. They are good at imitating others and just how they do it simply confuses many of us. Just today, we came across a common Pakistani man who can pull off Ramiz Raja’s style of commentary.

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Mr. Ramiz who is a prominent commentator in Cricket has a replete reputation in the world of cricket. He’s one of the most renowned commentators of this time and has always been a part of important games. He has a unique style and choice of words that put him in distinction among all those commentators out there. Well, now a common man is able to imitate him and it’s nothing like you have ever seen before around you…

You’ve got to listen to it…

Holy cow, man! How can he pull it off with so much perfect?

We learned about this guy. His name is Muhammad Khan. He has a unique talent of speaking English and copying the style and voice of anyone speaking. He is imitating the professional commentary of Ramiz Raja during the ICC Champions Trophy final between Pakistan and India. It’s just unbelievable!

I am sure you were wondering exactly how he was able to pull it off! You’re not the only one; everyone who viewed the video above must have had the same thing in mind.

Have you come across people having such unique talents? Tell us if you know more people like this!

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