5-Year-Old Ahmed Shah Becomes Youngest Pakistani YouTuber To Get Gold Button

5-Year-Old Ahmed Shah Becomes Youngest Pakistani YouTuber To Get Gold Button

Pakistani ahmed shah YouTube

The Pakistani entertainment industry is filled with talent, but what is more inspiring is how talented the Pakistani public is. Each and everyone is different and unique in their own way. It is truly inspiring to see how each person in this country is beautiful and extraordinary in their own way.

From athletic female footballers to brave soldiers Pakistan has it all. May they be adolescents or kids or even middle-aged, every Pakistani is incredible at what they do. However, what has us amazed, is how this young five year old, Ahmed Shah just became the youngest Pakistani YouTuber to have a Gold and Silver play button.

Pakistani ahmed shah YouTube

Image: Google/ARY

That’s right! The young and innocent angel just bagged a great milestone; that too at a very young age! And we are truly in awe.

What does the YouTube Gold and Silver button do?

Now you must be wondering what is so special about YouTube Gold and Silver play button? This is a traditional play button that YouTube awards to all those content creating YouTubers that have reached about one lac subscribers for a Silver play button and a Gold play button for all those that have received a million subscribers.

Hence, it is truly amazing to see that the cute little 5-year-old Ahmed Shah from Peshawar, has about a million subscribers on YouTube. Ahmed Shah is known for his adorable childhood antics that have made him an apple of everyone’s eye in Pakistan.

Truth be told, Ahmed Shah earned popularity after his video of scolding his teacher playfully went viral and his family received an invitation to the famous Pakistani morning show hosted by Nida Yasir on ARY Digital.

In addition to this, but Ahmed Shah is often also a part of the Ramazan transmission held by ARY Digital each year. He is a cute boy who makes everyone laugh and admires him for his childhood jokes and playful antics. The young YouTuber is making quite an impression with his amazing talent and innocence.

Ahmed Shah, we are proud!

Therefore, in a chaotic position that Pakistan withholds today, it is things like these that make all the difference, from adorable and cute children to award-winning records, and acts of heroic bravery. In a nutshell, one thing is for sure, Pakistan will surely surprise you with their extraordinary talent and humble nature.

Above all, e are truly proud of this sweet and cute little angel Ahmed Shah for becoming the youngest YouTuber. We wish him the best of luck for the near future endeavors and we hope to see him all fresh and ever ready to entertain us and make us smile in this time of pain and uncertainty.


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