This Pakistani Journalist Bashed Imran Khan Out in the Open and has a Message for him!

Imran Khan has never left the limelight. Every other day, he’s on news and he fades away from it but then people would bring him back to the screen. The most common topics that Imran Khan has ruled are marriage, elections and marriage again. Oops! Nobody knows what sorcery is this but IK keeps coming back to the same riot of problems.

5 years back when his political party was all over the place, people had a ray of hope by that. Many people thought that this is the time Pakistan would revolutionize by the reform that PTI would make. But sadly, not much has changed. The education sector, health sector, public transport, there is no sector in which people have witnessed even a slightest of change.

Pertaining to that when the leading party was in question and the Ex-PM Nawaz Shareef was disqualified by the efforts of IK, people believed now is the time that he would take charge of the problems and resolve them but no, another marriage scandal. Ahh! This is what it is. The true face of Pakistani politics. Pakistani journalist, Wajahat Khan, spoke on behalf of all those who voted and want Imran Khan. He recorded a video on a busy road of Karachi in broad daylight and spoke his heart out directly addressing to IK telling him to behave like a Khan.

 Wajahat Khan talking to Imran Khan…

He started off his video as Khan sahab, this was the only way to address you since you have no time to meet. Wajahat also said that PTI is nowhere to be seen and that the party’s recipe of having a procession a week is an old method now and Pakistan has changed. He said to Imran Khan that PTI thinks election doesn’t matter but it does matter. Wajahat also mentioned that the feedback received by the people is clear that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Sheeru, Tasbih, and marriage are the only things IK is involved in.

He highlights the garbage pile behind him and asked the viewers to just look at Karachi which is the second largest city in the world. Also, how every political party has abandoned Karachi and how everyone has damaged it. Now, no one is ready to take any responsibility. He accused IK of his wrong priorities; how he’s so free to go with seven to eight anchors and count orange trees and the oranges on the trees. By counting all this, he was actually making a point to make IK realize that this is not how he’ll win elections. Wajahat also said that he is a voter of IK and he is talking on the behalf of all those who vote him and still have faith in him.

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