Meet Rajiv, Helping People With Free Food During Tough Times In Interior Sindh

The Unsung Hero: This Pakistani Hindu Man Is Providing Free Ration Bags In Sindh

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We are at war with the global pandemic COVID-19. While we are in this situation together, among us are the people who are deprived of the basic needs are in miserable conditions as they couldn’t afford to prepare for this warlike us.

 If we talk about our country Pakistan, we are fully aware of the situation of people living in remote areas. We know the problems they are facing due to lockdown. They don’t have work and thus are striving hard to survive through this pandemic.

When you don’t have a hero then you’ve to be the one”… This thought hit my brother Rajiv Pardhan’s mind and the journey began. He started a campaign to support and help the under privilege people by providing them with Ration bags (which includes oil, rice, pulses, spices, etc).

We are Hindu minority living in Pakistan but we have the same heart for everyone be it a Muslim, Christian, or a Hindu.

Gepostet von Rajiv Pardhan am Donnerstag, 26. Oktober 2017

He has delivered ration bags without any religious discrimination because we all are Pakistanis by heart. Keeping that in mind, he has targeted rural areas of Sindh in Pakistan, where due to lockdown nothing is available for the people living there in small huts and so far he has managed to distribute 300 bags in 15 days.

 Rajiv couldn’t have done all by himself, he collected online donations from his friends and family and received great support not only nationally but internationally as well.

 The mission of this campaign is only one and i.e to save these helpless people dying from hunger before the virus.

 As the pandemic continues so is his mission. Rajiv hopes to continue providing them with ration bags until we see the end of this situation.

He encourages everyone to help and donate for his cause. Donations can make life better for those in dire need of our help.  In times like these real heroes shines and you don’t need a cape to become one.

 As Aesop has quoted, “No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted.”


 Below is the link where you can donate directly.

  Or you can donate through online banking if you’re living in Pakistan.

 Local Bank details 

 Dubai Islamic Bank: Account Number 1290512452001 

 IBAN: PK62DUIB0000000512452001

 Habib Bank Ltd: Account Number 05267901004203 

 IBAN: PK43HABB0005267901004203

 Contact: +92 333 1358002

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This article has been written by Rajiv Pardhan’s sister Komal Ameet.

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