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This Pakistani Guy Used Shahrukh Khan’s Pick-Up Lines To Marry An American Desi!

If you are trying so hard to impress that girl you like, look nowhere else. If you simply baffle about the things to say to her, you simply do not have to go elsewhere for advice. Today, we are going to tell you what really works… Evident of one Pakistani’s guy’s experience! He is no different than you. He just did something special and got the love of his life.

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For guys, it seems a big deal what to say to a girl when we are approaching her. We try to make it a fundamental step that would either do wonders or completely bottle it. But it does not seem that hard. They say, not everything works for everyone but there are some things that can really do wonders and one Pakistani guy proved it!

This guy from Chishtian, Punjab picked up a girl all the way from USA by singing Shahrukh Khan’s songs to her


WAH USTAAAD, WAH! You simply are one badass, aren’t you?

She did not just become his girlfriend. He wifed her! This is simply incredible. How sweet of these people to live their lives so simply.

Source: The Indian Express

The Bollywood prodigy, Shahrukh Khan is dear to both of them. Talk about this guy’s confidence! He absolutely took a leap of faith there to impress her. Did he realize that it would work and do wonders for him? The girl is from the state of Virginia and also expresses she found it really sweet of Allah Ditta to sing those particular songs to her.

They both met on Facebook… Talk about the odds this guy overcame! First Facebook, then USA and then using risky Shahrukh Khan’s pickup lines. What a twist of fate! Everything absolutely worked for him. She came all the way from Virginia for him and now they are together. Incredible… Never knew pick up lines as such could do incredible things. Looks like, we have to level up our pick-up game…

Have you guys ever come across anything as incredible? Share your story!


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