Pakistani Guy Shares How His Drug Addiction Proved To Be Disastrous

This Pakistani Guy Shares How His Drug Addiction Proved To Be Disastrous

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A little extra money is what we as teenager need to socialize nowadays, which is why most of us are seen working nights at call centers and commission-based jobs. What is common in these places, are the older management who easily manipulate their young subordinates. This is where a bright, young individual learned his life-changing lesson.

Moving up in the world, and having quit education to devote all his time here, this individual was very motivated. He made the right contacts in his hierarchy and socialized to an extent of the barriers set up by his conservative family. He always said no to progression in terms of relationships and drugs. Who could’ve said these two were about to bring him a lot of despair.

Having met a woman at one of his office parties, and in the buzz of a couple of joints, a great conversation began about their similarities. Both had the same troubles in their past and were conveniently from the same village in Sindh. There was one difference though – the girl was his manager’s friend and this amounted to a certain degree of respect.


In the midst of all the smoke and laughter, the woman pulled out a fancy little bong – seemingly out of nowhere, and offered the young man a bit. When he politely declined, she took a hit and with her drunken charm finally convinced the boy to try it. As he exhaled, he felt the euphoric rush, which was all he needed to take the leap. He kissed the girl, and their relationship was as stimulating as their high.


After this incident, the couple made it a habit to hook up in office parties, and fly high for however long they were together. This drug-induced – the relationship was probably so endearing to this young man because it was his first – ever, alongside the euphoric effects of whatever this woman’s bong burned away. Their first fight is where their problems initiated.

Whenever this couple experienced a little time apart, they felt like they needed to live together. They realized that a factor which made this very important was the drug itself yet a feeling of an affection also grew among them which made them believe that they were in love. The boy decided one fine morning to pack his bags and run away from home; as he had saved up to fifteen lakhs from his earnings. What he planned for this money was to suffice for three to four months. The woman, however, had other plans.

As the boy was now living with what the devil acting as a cupid brought him, he didn’t hold back. Whatever the woman brought for him to burn up and inhale, he paid for with his own money. Within a little more than a month, he realized he was broke. This was when the woman asked for something that – even in his poisoned mind – was uncalled for.


She demanded him to ask his family for money, as now she wanted a child with him. Not only was this out of the blue, but noticeably aggressive – as their need for the drug. The boy kept patient and actually considered asking his family for money. He couldn’t imagine facing his parents so he decided to make his proposal on a call – promising them to return as soon as he gets his salary. Little did he know, that his friends along with his parents had reported to the police. As soon as he made the call, his location was traced and there was a drug bust that very night.

Lying in his cell, with a black bag over his head, he found that he hadn’t experienced withdrawal ever before and it was very unsetting. He found himself thinking about how he got here and what he could have avoided in his past to possibly change his present. It all pointed to one circumstance – one woman.

When the boy got bailed out by his parents, he found out for the first time about what had unraveled since he was detained. “The Dion”, as his mother conveniently put it, was a part of a group of people, who worked during the day and pushed drugs into the society during the night. They were a part of a bigger network of the drug mafia in Karachi, and they were still nowhere to be found.

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