This Pakistani Lashed Out At Rishi Kapoor’s Tweet And It Started A Feud Between Citizens Of Both Nations!

Ah…the typical India-Pakistan feuds. If you are an active user on Twitter, you will often notice how Indians poke their nose in the business of Pakistanis while Pakistanis…well, they just continue to troll them in return. Knowing how good trollers Pakistanis are, they never leave any moment of trolling the citizens of our ‘friendly’ neighbor.

There were a number of Indians who mocked the recent edition of Pakistan Super League (PSL). On the other hand, Pakistanis are pretty much enjoying the thrill they see in the Indian Premier League (IPL). This proves that Pakistanis don’t even feel the need of mocking them…until you poke the lion!

Legendary Indian actor Rishi Kapoor uses his Twitter space often to interact with his fans. Earlier today, he made the following tweet, commenting on Pakistani players in IPL:

As a response to this tweet, Pakistani Twitterati Fariha Awan gave the following reply:

While the actor made his tweet ‘unavailable’, luckily, we have a screenshot!

Here’s where the fun begins: Rishi Kapoor ACTUALLY replied to Fariha’s honest, yet brutal response in this tweet:

On the other hand, the Pakistani kept responding in her way:

And it doesn’t stop here, folks. Rishi Kapoor replied AGAIN!

And here’s how Fariha replied:

Eventually, given how the replies were getting TOO fierce, Rishi Kapoor blocked Fariha to put an end to this feud.

Twitter: Fariha Awan

Rishi Kapoor also made this separate tweet after blocking Fariha:

There is no denying on how the actor has often, without any cowardliness, shown how he wants both nations to mend their ways. However, this particular tweet is bound to flare Pakistanis, knowing how we actually do like to mind our own business and we are never the ones to pollute the minds of our citizens regarding India.

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