Young Dr. Faryal Stranded In China Begs For Govt Help!

dr faryal china

Pakistani citizens residing in China plead for justice as the Coronavirus continues its spree. Pakistanis living in China have been urging the government to lift the ban from citizens and allow them to return home.

Food for thought, would you rather save five people than one beloved? As the Coronavirus takes it leech on several people residing in China, Pakistan has decided to let its people stay in China without any contingency plan. We have seen how countries try to ease their citizens by always standing with them.

Lately, the Pakistani government has decided to halt all flights from China and to live up to the marks of ex-pats and students living abroad.

Hope can be a killer when it’s from the devil!

However, this morning, a video of a young student, residing in China went viral on Twitter, getting up to nine thousand hits. The girl pleaded to the Pakistani government to let her return home. The sanity of several is at question here, as we allow people to die on behalf of our own.

We know that being scared is one thing and being ignorant is another. The level of trust we have built with China still seems unreasonable if we ourselves don’t stand up for our people.


Source: CNN

Is it right to let someone, who is not even infected by Coronavirus, stay in China, exposed, as they beg the government to grant them asylum from such a menace?

Does justice mean anything to us?

Furthermore, the girl mentioned how the universities, schools, offices and all other services have been closed down in China. People there have nothing to eat, drink or to survive on.

The girl accused officials to be misleading the people in Pakistan. She says that the statements given are false and no one has come to their aid. She expressed anger, as all her friends from different countries have already left China.

Asad Kharal, a local journalist, questioned the government on their stance on the situation. The girl praised the Indian government as they evacuated their people in the first week of the epidemic.

Now the real question is, as citizens of Pakistan, what is our responsibility and how can we show solidarity with our people in China? The girl herself asked the government to keep them in monitoring for a couple of weeks, till they are sure that they’re not infected.

Should we allow our citizens to come back from China?

We know that in a time of need, sometimes, we all feel helpless. We all want to protect our children and families from the menace known as Corona. But is it okay to let our own people (who are not affected by the virus), live in such a condition and eventually die?

We, as locals should plead our government to let our brothers and sisters fly back home safely. These people should be kept under surveillance and observation until they have been marked as unaffected.

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