This Pakistani Girl Showed All Support for Wearing Hijab after another One Said, “This Shit Didn’t Protect Me”

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A Pakistani Twitter user Minahil shared a tweet explaining how she was harassed while wearing a hijaab and said, “this shit didn’t protect me from the bhookay shairs of our society”, which opened a Twitter war.

Another Pakistani girl and blogger مناہل stood up for hijab and asked exactly how taking it off and clothes empower women and protect their rights?

She also critically questioned how dancing on the streets of Lahore by throwing off your chadders make you rule the world? How?

In reply to the user who used the term, “shit” for hijab and claimed that removing hijab makes people safer this girl rather argued why wasn’t Qandeel Baloch protected & why it didn’t save her?

Many others stood against the girl who used the term, “shit” for Hijab.

Larai Larai Maaf Karo, Allah ka ghar saaf karo was the call by many Twitter users.

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