This Pakistani Football Anthem Will Make You Wanna Jump With Joy!


FIFA fever is everywhere! You will witness it in offices, schools, colleges, hostels and just almost everywhere. Surprisingly, Pakistan is no exception. Yeah, we aren’t talking about any other place but our very own country! Though as a nation we are very loyal to cricket, it seems like football too is gaining popularity in Pakistan. Indeed, it is a sport where the excitement never ends. Those 90 minutes are full of excitement as you never know which calculated kick might score a goal!

And the celebrations when one scores a GOAAALLL! 😉


What’s football without music?! NOTHING! As a true Pakistani we celebrate almost everything with music! Music makes everything so much better. Pakistanis are not made of flesh and blood but emotions. The right type of music not only helps us absorb the passion of the game but also motivates and energizes us.

Chocolicious’s recent anthem is a pleasant surprise for all die-hard football fans. It will definitely give you goosebumps. The video is all about young kids who are extremely passionate about football. It’s an anthem apt for a free spirited nation. It’s so catchy that it became popular in no time. Imagine it has hit 2 million views in just a day.



One strike, one love, one game! Zor se bol! Dhak Dhak Goal! #YehHaiMeriGame #DhakDhakGoal #PeekFreansChocolicious

Posted by PeekFreans Chocolicious on Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The video shows how people who own the game love to celebrate and cherish every moment of it

It also shows how it’s not only boys who enjoy football! In Pakistan, we celebrate football irrespective of age, gender, cast and creed

Since the anthem hits all the right chords, everyone is loving it on social media and sharing it with people they love. The rawness of the game itself and the passion of its fans is perfectly captured in the video.

Through their anthem, Chocolicious managed to encapsulate every emotion and sentiment that’s close to the heart of every football fan; that it is everyone’s game. 

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