Pakistani Film ‘In Flames’ Wins Top Honor at Red Sea Film Festival

Pakistani Film 'In Flames' Wins Top Honor at Red Sea Film Festival

Pakistani cinema shone at the third edition of the Red Sea International Film Festival, where Zarrar Kahn’s film ‘In Flames’ secured the Golden Yusr for Best Feature Film. In a joyous Instagram message, Kahn expressed gratitude to the jury and supporters, deeming the award life-changing for Pakistani cinema and independent filmmakers.

Renowned Pakistani actors Humayun Saeed, Mahira Khan, and Ahad Raza Mir graced the prestigious event, joining Hollywood icons like Johnny Depp, Will Smith, and Alia Bhatt. Clad in stylish ensembles, the actors posed with stars like Andrew Garfield, adding glamour to the festival. Saeed, in particular, shared his excitement about attending Michael Mann’s film premiere and praised the festival’s hospitality and global artist connections.

In another perspective, the Red Sea Film Festival is highlighted as a significant platform for Pakistani cinema, featuring films like ‘Wakhri’ and ‘In Flames.’ Stars like Mahira Khan, Humayun Saeed, and Ahad Raza Mir displayed elegance and style at the event, socializing with international celebrities and contributing to the festival’s splendor.

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