These Pakistani Female Athletes Are Making The Nation Proud!

All Around the world sports and athleticism is seen to be a male dominant field, however for the past few years Pakistani women have been stepping up to the plate and amazing us with their unconquerable athletic talents. Here are just a few examples of Pakistani women who are doing wonders in the field of athleticism and sports …

1. Rabia Ashiq

Rabia Ashiq  ran the 800 meter dash for Pakistan in the 2012 London Olympic Games she was a wild card entry to the tournament and ran in memory of her recently deceased friend and sprinter Muneeb Akhta


2. Rubab Raza

Pakistan’s first female Olympic swimmer when she swam at the 2004 Athens Games she is also a national record holder


 3. Kulsoom Hazara

Kulsoom is a martial artist who has won 6 medals at the South Asian games most recently she won a gold medal at the South Asian Karaty Championship


4. Kulsoom Abdullah

The first female weightlifter from Pakistan to compete in the international weightlifting championship also the first women ever to take part in the championship fully covered and wearing a head scarf


5. Sarah Mahboob Khan

Has been a leading figure in tennis for the past 11 years, has played at national and international level and now has signed to play for the University of New Mexico


6. Hajra Khan

Hajra Khan is the captain, striker and top scorer of the women’s national football team


7. Maria Toorpakay Wazir

Ranked as the best squash player in Pakistan and also awarded the Salaam Pakistan Award by the President of Pakistan


8. Shahlyla Baloch

Is a professional squash and tennis player and plays for the countries national team she has achieved all this before the age of 18



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