Pakistani Expat In Dubai Becomes A Hero For An Indian Girl!

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Though it seems like the world is in sheer turmoil, some kind-hearted souls make it a much better place with humanity. Often stories of people going to the last extent to help someone circulates on the mainstream media spreading positivity all over. Another such case got in recently when a Pakistani cab driver in Dubai overcame all odds to help an Indian passenger at the time of need.

Pakistani cab driver becomes a savior for an Indian girl in Dubai!

Certainly, this isn’t the first time an honest Pakistani national has been a life savior with an example set for others. Last year, a Pakistani worker in Dubai went viral for returning a bag full of gold which he found in a parking lot. Similarly, earlier this month, a Pakistani expat who drives a cab in Dubai became a hero for an Indian girl after returning the wallet she forgot while traveling.

Pakistani Expat Returns Wallet Indian Girl

Apparently, the Pakistani man named Modassir Khadim saved an Indian girl Raechal Rose from losing all her credentials. According to media reports, the then lost wallet had everything from the student’s driving license to her UK visa. Particularly, the carrier held the Indian girl’s UAE’s driving license, health insurance card, Emirates ID, credit card and cash in a few different currencies.

”She didn’t realize that she left her wallet behind!”

Raechal Rose is a student of Corporate Law at Lancaster University, England and was on her winter break in Dubai. Reportedly, the girl took the cab, going to a friend’s birthday party Certainly, and upon seeing her other friends in a different vehicle, she decided to join them. In the midst of the sudden transfer, Raechal Rose left her wallet in the cab which she realized later.

Pakistani Expat Returns Wallet Indian Girl

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Upon not finding her wallet, she panicked and told her parents who then accompanied her in getting it back. On the matter, mother, Sindhu Biju stated, ”She had got into his taxi with another friend near Burjuman around 7.30 pm on January 4. Just then, they saw their other friends in another car and decided to join them. They immediately left the taxi and Rose didn’t realize that she left her wallet behind”.

”Though she was in tears, she rushed to the police station to report the matter!”

Since Raechal’s student visa was also lost, she then called her university to know about what can happen now.  The mother said, ”She did not have a copy of the visa. When she called the university, she was told she might have to apply for the visa again. Though she was in tears, she rushed to the police station to report the matter”.

Pakistani Expat Returns Wallet Indian Girl


”Since they had not started the journey, the driver had not started the meter. Hence, it was difficult to trace the driver through the RTA call center”, she added. While Modassir was trying to contact and return the wallet, Raechal and parents were out seeking help from the law enforcement departments.

The CCTV footage didn’t help!

Certainly, the concerned officials then went through the CCTV footage from the incident area but the number plate didn’t help. Well, upon finding the wallet, Modassir Khadim had already reported it to RTA so that they can contact the owner. But because of the strict privacy policies, they couldn’t give any contact details or address which could’ve solved the problem.

Eagerly waiting for the RTA to call back, Modassir Khadim continued on with his job and got a call while he was calling it a day. As per Khadim’s statement, ”Finally, the RTA call center called me back when I was finishing my duty at 3.30 am and verified the details that matched with their complaint. I was given their number following which I went to their house to drop the wallet”.

When the father offered money!

Seeing the cab driver at their doorstep with Raechal’s wallet in his hand, the family couldn’t stop thanking him. Receiving the wallet, Raechal’s father rewarded Modassir Khadim with Dh600 which he took upon insistence. ”I refused to take it saying she is like my younger sister. But he insisted that I should take it”, he concluded.

Pakistani Expat Returns Wallet Indian Girl

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Specifically, from Kerala, the Indian family then even wrote a letter to the RTA appreciating the Pakistani expat. Back in 2019, an Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) tourist police officer returned a tourist’s laptop safely with his team. Well, its a fact that such cases restore one’s faith in humanity while living in a crucial time.

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