These Escort Service Websites Are Openly Running In Pakistan Without People Having Any Notice!

Technology and its wonders are simply amazing. In this advanced world, everyone is reaping benefits of technological elements. Even if it is just a merchant selling goods, he would possibly have a website showcasing his products or services.

It has become a norm now and you might find it hard believing what kind of businesses are in full swing online.

Source: iExpats

Source: iExpats

You think Pakistan is minimally liberal? You are about to be proved wrong. Liberalism has succumbed to our society and in the mindsets of people who are openly running taboo services through the Internet. But what kind of taboos are we talking about?

What you are about to witness is truly shocking indeed. (Viewer discretion is strictly advised)

There are escort service websites in Pakistan running flagrant on the internet are having much engagement of people.

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This is underground prostitution on a whole new level that it boggles the mind to realize it is happening in Pakistan so blatantly.

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The location they operate

There are 2 major websites operating on the web in the region of Punjab. They claim to offer escort services in different areas of Punjab, Islamabad, and Lahore as well as in Karachi.

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That is not it, these websites have social media profiles where they interact with their customers and a lot more engagement can be seen.

These websites have provided contact numbers and name of the person in charge.


Categories Are Displayed

In order to comprehend towards different preferences, these websites have cataloged categories. They are mainly offering services of Pakistani escorts, while Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi are particular categories.

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It is an alarming prospect how they are so flagrant about different preferences and so openly offer them on their website.

Their Claim About Privacy:

Both the websites have resounding claims of protecting customers’ privacy. Not sure whether they live up to their claim but we are sure there are enough fools on earth to believe it.

They tend to get personal on these websites like it is nothing. The notion they exude entails that it is the norm and a pretty normal business module.

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Possibility of a Scam

It is shocking to see such illicit activities existing and operating in full swing in Pakistan. On the contrary, there could be a possibly that it is all a scam. How easy is to scam someone on the internet?

But by the looks of it, it is hard to rule out any possibility of it being a genuine business. Who knows what kind of influence is behind it?

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Many questions follow: on what basis do these illegal ventures operate so openly on the web? Is there no authority to filter these sites and ban them? Have the authorities been unaware of their existence and operation?

Prostitution is not only illegal, it is ethically and morally an abuse to human values. One must abstain from it on all grounds. Respect women, respect people and most importantly, realize your individual role in the society. Our society is defined by you and you have a responsibility to provide the best in the interest of our people.

We intend to grow awareness about such illicit activities. We want you to stay at an arm’s length from these kinds of stuff. It is absolutely wrong and can not only be dangerous but a risky step should you approach these so-called escort services if by any case you get your hands on these websites.

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