Brave Doctors Risking Their Lives To Find COVID-19 Cure In Return For One Thing


Since Coronavirus gipped nations with its deadly confinement, for most, it has been an ‘apni madad aap’ situation. But instances like these help restore faith in humanity. Recently a report came to light with highlighted the dedication of some unsung heroes, doing whatever it takes to wipe out this unforgiving pandemic.

Dr. Yasir Mahmood from Islamabad is doing everything in his power to help find a cure for COVID-19. The brave doctor along with his team is going out of his way to collect samples from people who have been diagnosed COVID-19 positive.

With all at stake, the good doctor along with his dedicated team are putting everything on the line and risking their lives to find a solution.

Stay at home!

In return, they have only one thing to ask from their fellow Pakistanis. Stay at home.

These amazing men and women are out there fighting this battle for you. All they are asking is for all to follow the SOPs religiously and Stay home. “We have 14 teams in the field right now, they are between u and Corona,” they said.

Twitter lauds the brave heroes

It is heartening to see such selfless acts from people among us. Especially as they are risking their lives while at it.

Doctors have truly been playing their part and helping society overcome this ferocious battle. While some clear myths and misconceptions about COVID-19 in an attempt to provide the nations nothing but the truth to be to so brave as to removing their PPE gear just to save a life of a dying patient.

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