Here’s How These Pakistani Doctors Heroically Saved A Young Life While The Plane Was In Air

Pakistan is a country that allows Muslims to practice Islam, the religion of peace and harmony, while other minorities are at liberty to practice their own religions. However, what distinguishes Pakistan from all the other countries is the fact that we put forth humanity before everything else. People always say that goodwill is dead nowadays and we don’t help each other in the time of need. But we also get to witness people in Pakistan who cannot see others in pain, rather they become a helping hand for those in trouble, regardless of what they themselves are going through.

A similar incident took place on a flight that was going from Islamabad to Karachi. A little girl with a serious medical condition was on board and she needed medical assistance urgently. As narrated by the person sharing the story,

“First of all the stretcher took more seats than the patient had booked, but the other passengers managed it somehow.”

Even though the patient’s stretcher was taking more seats than they had booked, other people traveling on the flight were eager to compromise and give up their comfort for the girl’s sake.

“When we were on the way, the captain announced that the patient needs medical assistance and he requested all the doctors sitting in the plane to contact seat number 54 where the patient was lying. What a great feeling it was to see around 15 people raising from their seats and rushing towards the patient. They were all doctors and half of them were women.”

The fact that there were so many doctors on board and half of them being women must have been a proud moment indeed!

“They gave immediate assistance to that patient. What a fabulous time it was to see all the doctors discussing and figuring out what to do. They helped the patient and showed that Pakistan is within everyone of us. These people…they are Pakistan. The twinkling eyes of the cute sick girl were saying, “I am proud to be Pakistani”. After many days, Being Pakistani made my day. Long live Pakistan.”

The beauty of being a proud Pakistani is that you get to witness these examples of cooperation and compassion among such common people who are ready to help others in any way they can. These are the people that make the whole Pakistan feel proud. We are sure that it also sets an example for all others who state that kindness has faded from Pakistan. Long live Pakistan!

Long live Pakistan!

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