Pakistani Doctors Lift COVID-19 Patients’ Spirits By Dancing For Them

In these tough times, healthcare professionals aren’t just serving as messiahs for patients, but also as uplifters of their spirits. With almost 1.8 million active nations worldwide and 100,000+ deaths, the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to terrorize humanity.

Apart from medical assistance, doctors from across the world have been trying to find other ways of uplifting the mood inside hospitals. Pakistani doctors too joined the charade which has since been going viral on the internet.

A video uploaded by Pakistan’s leading English news hub Dawn showcased the scenario. With a cultural tune playing in the background, almost 5 doctors were seen dancing for their patients inside an isolated ward.

Not only just the doctors, but the patients grooved to the beat with them

The slow, catchy cultural dance to the tune is being adored by the public. While many, including celebrities like Ushan Shah, have criticized the act, thousands of people are in awe.

It is pertinent to add here that doctors aren’t just medical professionals, but serve as the key to hope and spirit as well.

One user wrote: “A doctor has to be a motivation for his patients. A doctor has to be a hope of life for his patients. I really appreciate these doctors for trying to cheer up the patients. Although I seriously doubt they are doctors…

Another user went on to write: “This is our real love! Everyone considers COVID-19 patients as ‘not to see not to talk’ people. but we doctors are doing everything possible to make them happy and keep them healthy.”

pakistani doctors dance

Source: dawn

A user named Saud Khan said: “This is a great gesture apart from being their messiah they are boosting up their morale as well. Hats off to the doctors and nurses all around the globe. They are the true saviors of humanity.

Just as many supported this move and appreciated it, others were critical of what they saw. A social media commentator did not mind what the doctors were up to but was critical of the arrangements. “They are not even provided N95 masks and proper kits. Guys, it’s good to cheer your patients, but please take care of your safety as well. We are your families need you!

While others were not too happy with the act. One comment read: “We can dance only because we do not have the ability to make vaccination or even masks. This is a shameful act by Doctors and their staff. At this moment bring atom bombs maybe the atom bombs and missiles will save their lives.”

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