HSY Over The Moon! Pakistani Designer Hassan Sheheryar Yasin’s Work Featured In Vogue Magazine

HSY featured Vogue magazine

It’s been always fascinating to see our proud celebrities, athletes or designers to be featured by the international brand. Because it’s a huge moment for them, it allows our industry’s work to spread all over the place and it exhibits our talent as well. Recently, HSY got featured in Vogue magazine and he is more than happy!

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin known to the world of fashion as “HSY” shares his proud moment where he’s flying over the moon with endless happiness. HSY seems to be accomplishing a big milestone in his life by getting featured in the international magazine, Vogue.

Source: Vogue

The celebrated fashion designer, HSY, got the privilege to be featured in Vogue latest magazine after he finished designing her dear friend’s wedding outfits. Brilliant businesswoman Umber Ahmad tied her love knot with Ray Ahmed.

HSY didn’t wait a moment and shared his feelings on Instagram and showed great gratitude. Even Umber also went on to share the insight details of the outfit which looks interesting.

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin aka HSY wrote, “Wow. Thank you, Vogue for featuring me and my designs today and for also celebrating what I’ve always strived to bring to the forefront of the International Fashion community; our beautiful and timeless Pakistani Traditions.”

He added, “So very happy. Onwards and upward. It was a joy to design for you my friend, Umber.”

HSY isn’t only a designer, he’s a host too and known for his show Tonite with HSY where he made every celebrity to spill some honest beans.

No doubt, Umber looks stunning in that scarlet red outfit, she also put some details of the outfit in the feature. “For my and Ray’s clothes, we asked my dear friend Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY) to collaborate with us.

Widely acclaimed as the top designer in the country and Pakistan’s only couture-trained designer, we set about to tell a story with our clothes. Hassan came from Pakistan for our wedding and to make sure the gown and dupatta (veil) was set just right.”

Source: Vogue

She went on to share details of her dress, “My dupatta is made from a thin silk netting which was completely hand-beaded. It was designed to be worn over the face and then lifted to be secured on my head. Because it weighed 26 pounds, I couldn’t wear it for the whole night, otherwise, there would have been no dancing!”

‘The design derived from historic Mughal drawings’ – Umber

Umber continued talking about her dress design in detail. “The motifs of the gown itself are derived from historic Mughal drawings and designs created by the Kashf Foundation.”

Source: Express Tribune

She further added, “Founded to create a haven for Pakistanis with physical, emotional, and mental challenges, the Kashf Foundation empowers these special individuals with care, education, and opportunity. The beading took 7 artisan women 6 months to complete. Every single detail is considered and not an inch went undone.”

She also shared the inspiration HSY drew the design from. “The design of my gown was inspired by the draping of an old photo Hassan found of a Russian princess,” she revealed.

Source: Express Tribune

The bride concluded, “He wanted to modernize the traditional style with subtle signals: the ombré of lighter to darker deep pomegranate.

The use of long lines in the beading rather than more circular patterns, and draping of the skirt was more than four times the normal amount.

My dupatta was more than 20 feet long and so gorgeous. It felt so ethereal to me and Hassan, the gown’s designer, and I wanted to give it a life of its own. Giving it air, gave the whole thing live. Truly magical,”

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