Sania Mirza & Others Fight Babar Azam As He Says Sarfraz’s Wife Is His Favorite Bhabi

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Pakistani cricketers are always up to making different posts and sharing with the public different tweets and videos. Each of which is more and more interesting than the last and also keeps us hooked.

Babar Azam thinks Sarfraz’s wife is the best bhabi

From posting cute clips of each other to sharing a throwback moment, celebrities are doing all they can to keep the public hooked during this time. Similar to the other stars, Pakistani cricketers have taken the opportunity of COVID-19 to make sure they put positivity out there, and the people aren’t stressed due to the pandemic.

In times like these, we are often hoping to find entertaining gossips to pass the time. However, it is more than often that stars make that possible through their innocent yet quirky antics.

During a live session between Shoaib Malik and Babar Azam, Babar Azam made quite a sizzling statement. According to him, his favorite Bhabi is Sarfraz Ahmed’s wife; and let’s just say, the rest of the bhabhi clan is not happy.

Sania Mirza and the bhabi clan fights back

Not only are all the bhabi’s ganging up, no to make matters worst, even international tennis player, Sania Mirza even got infuriated and commented, no more sleeping on our couch. Ouch! looks like poor Babar Azam needs to cover up real quick.

Although it was quite funny to see how each Pakistani cricketer’s wife responded in their own quirky and witty style, we personally found Sania Mirza’s remarks adorable and quite funny. It was indeed refreshing to see even celebrity stars have a very simple and homey routine like the public. Their banter is similar to almost every desi home.

As the tweet went viral, even Sarfraz Ahmed’s wife took notice and retweeted it with a smile. Surely, this wasn’t the end of the Twitter banter and the bhabi clan.

Moreover, even fans started to utilize this opportunity by sharing different funny memes and boy oh boy, this is just getting beyond interesting and amusing.

What we found most funny was, how even the cricketers Shoaib Malik and Babar Azam couldn’t hold back their laughter after the comments from each bhabi started pouring in. From uninviting Babar Azam to parties and dinners, each replied with how much they were hurt over Babar Azam’s choice. Tch Tch Tch! Looks like Babar Azam you have some cleaning up to do.

Above all, we think that the best thing is how the entire banter was close and intimate. It showed us one thing, celebrity or no celebrity, you must never pick favorite bhabis or you will for sure be canceled

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